Sunday, October 17, 2004

Possible Opening: U.S. President"Traitors Need Not Apply"

The BBC reports that Brazilian UN peacekeeper General Augusto Heleno said in a recent press conference that the recent upsurge in violence in Haiti can be directly attributed to John Kerry's comments earlier this year that as U.S. President, he would have sent American troops to protect corrupt former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Kerry's comments were in response to Bush's February decision to eliminate all U.S. support for the former president, including military aide. Heleno says that Kerry's possible U.S. presidency has given hope to Aristide supporters, who otherwise would have no reason to think Aristide may return.

Along with recently calling interim Iraqi president Allawi a liar and delusional, labeling the rest of the coalition "window dressing," and insulting Italian coalition troops fighting in Iraq -- saying that the Iraqi military was so bad that even the Italians could have defeated them -- John Kerry is demonstrating to America his idea of "diplomacy," an area in which he so regularly criticizes Bush as being incompetent. With the recent promise of the French and Germans that they would not be sending troops to Iraq regardless of who is or will be president, Kerry's claims of superior diplomatic talent are falling very, very flat.

Remember this is the same diplomacy giant that secretly met with North Vietnamese officials in Paris -- while the war was still going on -- then lobbied Congress for the terms the Communists gave him.

We need a president whose diplomatic efforts have American interests in mind, not those of our enemies. In other words:

Possible Opening: U.S. President
"Traitors Need Not Apply"

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