Wednesday, October 13, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: John Kerry Calls the Debate Audience 'Losers'

One of the most remarkable things happened at the 2nd Presidential debate the other night. Our favorite elitist of them all called the entire live audience a bunch of losers. Did you catch it? I did. So did my wife. We were stunned. Even offended. And that's pretty hard for me. Even more amazing, none of the media is talking about it.

The scenario...

After being tossed a softball by an audience member asking Kerry to look into the camera and pledge not to raise taxes on everyone making under $200,000 (wow, where did that number come from!), Kerry babbled on and on about child-care credits, tuition credits, health care, the energy bill, etc.

Then after promising to raise taxes for everyone making over $200,000, Kerry said:

And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the president, me, and, Charlie, I'm sorry, you too (

How typical a Kerryism. There are ultimately four ways to get rich: earn it, inherit it, steal it, and marry into it. Kerry falls into the last category. I suppose someone who's never worked a real job in his life, but sits in luxury after two marriages to extremely wealthy woman, is an expert at spotting those who are earning their wealth? Did John Kerry really think of that entire audience as incapable of success? How would he possibly know there were no rich folks in the room?

He didn't. You see, John Kerry and the Democrats have found a weakness in the American people: class warfare. The simple-minded thrive on the notion that the wealthy never earned their way, that the only reason that everyone isn't rich is because of some vast conspiracy by the rich to keep them down. Kerry and the Democrats play into that. And it earns them a lot of votes.

Think about it. Why would Kerry care what 1% of the country thinks? He doesn't need their votes. The other 99% is much more attractive. Simple statistics. Appeal to the largest demographics, and if you can create some sort of battle-bond among them and pit them against that other minority, you're bound to win.

Remember that Kerry doesn't need to appeal to all rich people to raise significant campaign funds. He only needs that small portion of the guilty, socialist rich -- people like George Soros, who can funnel hundreds of $millions into the political race through web sites, newspaper ads, and tv ads. One Soros is worth ten Ken Lays.

Is this the kind of president we want? A man who can't even conceive how common Americans could ever get rich? With his planned tax hikes, it's not surprising. How American is it to raise taxes only for the successful? Hasn't Kerry heard the old saying about taxing those activities you wish to discourage and not taxing those activities you wish to encourage? Kerry's tax plan is the parental equivalent of only giving a weekly allowance to a child that gets bad grades and doesn't do his chores.

The final debate is tonight. You better believe I'll be watching closely for more elitist screw-ups.

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