Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama Takes First "Steps" to Remove Class from White House

When President-Elect Barack Obama arrived at the White House for the first time after the election, nobody really knew what to expect from him or his wife, Michelle.  But after seeing Obama walk with President Bush to their first presidential meeting, it's painfully obvious that Bush will take the last remnants of class with him.  As you can see from the video below, Bush demonstrates sophistication and a little grace, while Obama simply looks like a street thug in a suit.

How utterly embarrassing to the United States, democracy, and the electorate.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jimmy Carter Encounters First Leftist Maniacal Dictator Ever that Won't be his Friend

After taking over the Oval Office in 1977 during bad and worsening times, former President Jimmy Carter succeeded in making everything far worse and lost his 1980 re-election bid in a landslide to Ronald Reagan.  Lately he's been reviving his political career by befriending every leftist, murderous, tyrannical dictator in the world and validating their sham elections while never missing an opportunity while traveling to all of the countries of our sworn enemies to denounce every domestic and foreign U.S. policy in existence.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, one of the worst national leaders in world history, has led an ethnic cleansing of Zimbabwe's economic infrastructure over the past 15 years that has resulted in annual inflation rates exceeding 10,000%, mass starvation, cholera outbreaks, record joblessness, and record crime rates.  One would think that the recent history of these two men would create an instant child-like bond.  But no, Mugabe doesn't trust Carter and has refused him and communist Kofi Annan access to Zimbabwe while on a mission to "address the humanitarian crisis", which is a cleverly written expression by the group's public relations team that hides its more likely intentions:  to shore up Mugabe's political base and re-organize the effort to both literally and physically stamp out all political opponents, women's rights groups, and free market proponents.

Read more from the AP:  Carter, Annan, others refused entry to Zimbabwe - Yahoo! News

Friday, November 07, 2008

Stock Market Suffers Record Losses Since Obama Victory

In the two days of trading on the NYSE since the presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has lost a record-breaking 929.49 points.  After the Dow closed at 9625.28 on Election Day, Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election just a few hours later.  The Dow responded by closing at 9139.27 (486.01 point loss) on Wednesday, then 8695.79 (443.48 point loss) on Thursday.  As of today, November 7, 2008, The Dow has not had a bigger two-day point loss in its 80-year history.

How does the percentage loss compare with historical losses?  It's almost as bad.  The 9.657% decline is the 13th worst in history and the worst since the market crash of Oct. '87.  In fact, as you can see below, excluding the week of Black Monday, the Dow's 2-day losses were the worst since the Great Depression.


2-day point change

2-day % change

1) 10/19/1987 -616.35 -26.171%
2) 10/29/1929 -71.15 -23.621%
3) 10/20/1987 -405.72 -18.058%
4) 11/6/1929 -41.38 -15.129%
5) 7/21/1933 -14.87 -14.356%
6) 10/28/1929 -38.83 -12.966%
7) 10/10/1932 -7.81 -11.783%
8) 7/20/1933 -12.41 -11.420%
9) 5/14/1940 -16.50 -11.397%
10) 11/12/1929 -26.79 -11.326%
11) 5/31/1932 -5.25 -10.502%
12) 11/13/1929 -21.70 -9.846%
13) 11/6/2008 -929.49 -9.657%
Source:  Yahoo! Finance

It's curious that the Obama supporters have been claiming that only Obama can "fix" the economy when the stock market, the backbone of the U.S. economy, is clearly preparing for the complete opposite.  I wish that only the Obama voters would get what they deserve, but unfortunately, as demonstrated on Wall Street this week, they're going to drag the rest of us down with them.

For all of you greedy baby-boomers out there that were so worried about your retirement savings under Bush and have been clamoring for "change"?  Don't come running to the rest of us to bail you out when your president of "change" wipes out the rest of your retirement by destroying confidence, taxing you up the wazoo, and saving Social Security by raiding your 401k's and IRA's!

Obama's election victory hasn't even been validated by Congress yet, and history is already looking poorly upon his administration.  In the 2012 election, when the GOP gets an easy victory over Obama, the only question will be which president did more damage to the U.S. economy:  Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter?