Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kids More Narcissistic Than Ever

Gee, we never saw this coming. When every public school in the country repeatedly re-enforces the "you are the most important person in the whole world" mantra, why should we be surprised when the kids start believing it?

Study: College students more narcissistic

It's yet another example of public schools circumventing the oldest tenets of Christianity with dire consequences. I can't decide whether I should revel in all those chickens coming home to roost or to shout in hopeless frustration with a completely broken system beholden to teachers' unions that are blatantly more concerned with wages, benefits, vacation days, and pensions than the success of the system. It is written in stone that the needs and agenda of a labor union are ALWAYS at odds with producing a quality product. Yet in this country we continue to let the fox guard, manage, feed, and maintain the henhouse. No one should be surprised when a few chickens go missing.

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