Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chinese General Threatens U.S. with Nuclear Weapons over Taiwan

Chinese Major General (a two-star general to the amateurs) Zhu Chenghu warned the U.S. today that if it intervenes in China's pending military invasion and overthrow of sovereign neighbor Taiwan, China will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against the United States.

The U.S. State Department has already dismissed the comments as "highly irresponsible" and doesn't consider them to be the policy of the Chinese government.

Ironically, this weekend China is joining in discussions with five other nations about disarming North Korea of its nuclear weapons cache. Even though China has been running the puppet government of North Korea, led by our favorite maniacal dictator Kim Jung Il, for some time now, could North Korea be next on China's "Hostile Takeover Short List"? How better to clear the way to invade a nuclear nation than to use the international community to disarm them first?

Just a little information to put China's world domination ambitions into perspective...according to, China has less than 400 nuclear warheads that could hit U.S. territory soil, versus the United States' 6400 that could hit Chinese mainland. Even if you believe a supposedly secret document smuggled out of the Chinese government, China boasts over 2300 warheads, but they still only have a few dozen ICBM's and submarines with the range to deliver them to U.S. soil.

If China hit the U.S. with nuclear weapons, WW3 would be over in less than a week. Several million Americans would be dead and parts of the West Coast, Hawaii, and a few islands would be uninhabitable for a long time, but China and her 1.35 billion peasants would be annihilated.

Is the takeover of Taiwan and another notch on your communism headboard really worth it, China?

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