Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gun-Free Zones: The Most Dangerous Places in America

Two more shooting rampages in the past week that began at a Wisconsin hotel church service and an Atlanta courthouse will no doubt bring the gun control fanatics out of the woodwork again to preach to us about the indiscriminate danger of firearms, need for expansion of gun control laws, and the unnecessary insanity the 2nd Amendment brings to our lives. But every time something like this happens, these hypocritical freaks "shoot" themselves in the foot.

Schools, universities, fast food restaurants, post offices, hotels, shopping malls, banks, courthouses. These are the locations of all of the worst shooting rampages in this country in the past two decades. What else do they have in common? Either by established rules or by law, these are all gun-free zones. Yes, these cordoned areas that are liberal utopian wonderlands where everyone is happy to roam free of the worry of gun violence have all been subjected to the worst gun violence imaginable. If you have to ask why, then you have obviously been far outside of the gun control debate for far too long.

Each time these incidents occur, firearm ownership advocates are proven right. We have proclaimed since the beginning of the founding of this nation that the safest and most worry-free lifestyle is one surrounded by firearms. The liberals can give up their only means of self-defense if they want, but political ideologies take a backseat to my family's safety. If you've ever read or heard the typical gun advocates' proclamation that they would continue to arm themselves even if the gun controllers had their way, you can count me in that group as well. To a gun-wielding conservative, the only difference between guns being legal and illegal is the number of people that know about the gun in the top of the closet.

Liberals can try all they want to disarm me and make my family as vulnerable as possible, but this is one man that loves his family a little too much for that.

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