Tuesday, November 09, 2004

F-16 Accidentally Strafes New Jersey School

An Air National Guard F-16 accidentally strafed the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School at around 11:00 pm on Nov. 3 with 25 rounds from its M-61A1 20mm cannon for which an F-16 typically carries 500 rounds. According to available information, the F-16 Fighting Falconpilot missed an intended target at a military firing range by some 3 1/2 miles! Coincindentally an ANG F-16 from a different squadron crashed in this very area in January, 2002.

In my hometown in SC, there was speculation that the then-open U.S. Air Force base in Myrtle Beach regularly ran A-10 attack simulations on my rural high school. An A-10 is significantly more deadly to ground targets than an F-16, but I don't recall any live-fire incidents in the area.

As sick as it sounds, there's something funny about an F-16 accidentally strafing a school on American soil. I don't think my disturbing chuckles are because New Jersey is a blue state. Is it?

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